Nurse of the Year

Do you know a nurse who makes a difference in the lives of their patients or co-workers each and every day?

A nurse who shows compassion and advocacy with each action?

A nurse who strives to improve the workplace and provide excellent patient-centered care?

Each year during Nurses Week, we honor a nurse, nominated by his/her peers, as the Nurse of the Year. The recipient is awarded during our Annual Banquet in May and we encourage their nominees and family to come help us celebrate their excellence.  If you know of an outstanding nurse, give them the recognition they deserve!  One day we hope to honor you!

The 2021 Nurse of the Year will have the extra distinction of being the first Rainier Olympic Nurses Association Nurse of the Year.

When writing your nomination below:

  • Tell their story and how they are making a difference in the lives of their patients
  • Describe how they contribute to nursing practice
  • Share how they utilize leadership skills by engaging and empowering other nurses
  • Share how this nurse engages the community and workplace to improve the lives of those around her/him.

Nominations are accepted until February 28, 2021.