Past Nurses of the Year

2018 Nurse of the Year – Judy Newville, RN

Judy Newville came to nursing after 22 years as an Army wife traveling the world raising a family and 10 years as a childcare provider. After starting prerequisites at Northern State University prior to the birth of her youngest, she finished her nursing degree at Tacoma Community College in 2008 with high honors.

Judy spent 7 years at St. Clare Hospital with 6 years on the Ortho/Surgical unit as both a staff RN and a Charge RN and 1 year in PCU. While at St. Clare, she helped teach AIDET which focuses on improving “how we interact with our patients and each other.” She also helped in developing an education class to improve pain management – taking on the role as a pain resource nurse. Nominators agreed calling her “the go-to-person for pain management… Judy will brainstorm with others to see what else can be used regarding positioning and adding non-narcotic medications.”

Since 2015, Judy’s worked at Good Samaritan on the Post-Surgical Unit. While at St. Clare and now at Good Samaritan, Judy has found her love of precepting. She’s precepted over 50 nurses in the last 10 years. Judy feels that it’s “something that comes natural to me…I love watching the progression of new nurses.” She enjoys helping them find their way from a nervous new graduate to a confident and safe practicing nurse. Judy’s talent as a preceptor was also noted by her nominators – “She makes herself available for advice and assistance and is patient when instructing newer nurses with clinical skill development…She is also able to provide feedback in a manner that educates and instructs without being harsh or intimidating.” Judy’s preceptees also agree – she was honored with the Good Samaritan Outstanding Preceptor Award earlier this year.

Judy really enjoys direct patient care. “I truly love bedside nursing.” Judy’s talents with patients and families were noted by nominators “Judy’s patients respond to her warm, compassionate manner. I have witnessed her calm the most anxious of patients and family members with her calm, compassionate manner.”

Outside of nursing, Judy has several passions. She is very musically inclined – playing multiple instruments, enjoys weightlifting and running and loves preparing healthy meals for her family. As a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3, she is also busy playing with grandchildren and raising her youngest who graduates next year.

Judy is a few classes away from getting her Bachelors in Nursing and plans to return to school at some point, but for now, Judy is right were she wants to be as a bedside nurse and supporting new nurses in finding their way.

2017 Nurse of the Year – Susan Jacobson, RN-C

Congratulations to PCNA 2017 Nurse of the Year, Susan Jacobson!

After over 40 years as a nurse, Sue retired in May from St. Clare Hospital. Her passion, dedication, leadership and profound caring has had a huge impact on her co-workers, her patients and the nursing community at large.

Sue’s nursing career began after receiving a grant for a LPN program. “The only reason I could go to the LPN program was because of a grant.” After 15 years as a LPN, Sue became the first recipient of the Wagner Scholarship from Mulitcare allowing her to attend Tacoma Community College’s first LPN to RN bridge program. Graduating from TCC in 1991, Sue worked throughout Pierce County and spent the last 19 years working on the med/surge floor at St. Clare.  

Numerous coworkers nominated Sue to be the 2017 Nurse of the Year. Nominators wrote about Sue’s passion for nursing, her deep compassion, her mentorship, her leadership, her ability to recruit volunteers and get others involved in causes, and her advocacy for nurses on a local, state and national level. “I tell new nurses that I want to be like Sue Jacobson when I grow up.” “She is a true nurse in every sense of the word with excellent work ethic and endless compassion for those in need. Sue has dedicated herself to giving her patients and their families the type of care, respect, and compassion we would all want for our loved ones. Sue is sensitive to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of her patients as well as their families. ”

As a charge nurse, preceptor and mentor, Sue has helped many nurses grow and flourish but her support of fellow and future nurses has always extended beyond work hours. She has sat on the Advisory Board for Clover Park Technical College RN program to help guide nursing education and practice for future nurses, on Nurse Practice Councils and Safe Staffing Councils. She has also acted as a Grievance Officer, and has held many other positions on boards to promote the safe practice of nursing.

Sue has spent countless days at State and National meetings and conferences to ensure the voices of frontline nurses are heard. She is always the first person to volunteer for Nurses Week celebrations, for WSNA Leadership Camp, to attend Nurse Ledge Day and to assist in developing a Nurse Contract. “Sue has a strong sense of social justice and has sought to promote a just culture in hospitals. She is brave and fierce in regards to advocating for better nursing conditions and quality of care for patients. Her honesty and integrity are immeasurable.”

In addition to being a past PCNA President, a long-time PCNA board member and a previous PCNA Nurse of the year, Sue has been instrumental on our fundraising committee. PCNA’s bowling tournament, now in it’s 5th year, exists because of Sue’s passion to support the next generation of nurses. Her desire to financially lift some of the burden of furthering a nurse’s education is a lifelong passion. In Sue’s words, “I feel that it’s really important that we have scholarships and help people move forward.”

As Sue transitions into retirement, she plans to spend time with her family while remaining active with PNCA – serving on the board as well as the fundraising and volunteer committees. “You can take Sue out of her paid nursing career, but you can never take Sue out of nursing—it’s more than her profession, it’s her calling.”

2016 Nurse of the Year – Marcie Doyle, BSN, RN, CAPA

PCNA 2016 NOTY, Marcie Doyle

Congratulations to PCNA’s 2016 Nurse of the Year, Marcie Doyle!

On Friday, May 6, 2016, Marcie Doyle, BSN, RN, CAPA was recognized as PCNA’s 2016 Nurse of the Year at our Nurses Week Celebration Banquet.

Marcie is described by coworkers as the “go to person” when you have a problem; a collaborator who works with fellow nurses, physicians & ancillary staff with respect, kindness & consideration; and a caring, compassionate nurse who is always striving to gain knowledge.

Marcie has wanted to be a nurse for as long as she can remember. While no one in her family is in a medical career, she witnessed and participated in the caring for others from an early age. As a young girl, she would play with her dolls giving them shots or medicine in an effort to cure them. When her brother was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at 4 years old, she watched her mom “nurse” him. Marcie also helped take care of animals on the family farm and learned a lot about the reality of the cycle of life and the importance of taking care of all living things.

Since graduating from the University of Portland in May 1994 with a “cum laude” bachelor of science in nursing, Marcie has worked in a variety of clinical setting: from being a charge nurse at a small rural hospital, to a float nurse at a large hospital, to the lone nurse in a surgeon’s office, to a clinical instructor, to a school nurse and most recently back to a surgical nursing unit as a charge nurse at St. Joseph’s Walter Surgery Center.

While working at St. Joseph’s, she’s led the Franciscan Patient Experience Group for four years, was awarded the Daisy Foundation Nursing Award and became a Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse.

Marcie’s nursing career has offered her numerous opportunities to assume roles that required a great deal of responsibility, independence & leadership. She has repeatedly taken on these roles with passion and dedication. Marcie is once again up for a new challenge. In May 2016, Marcie began a Master’s Program at Western Governor’s University. Marcie has a desire to, in her words, “teach, lead, and ultimately inspire others to carry on this great work of nursing.”
Marcie and her family are active members of Saint Charles Catholic Church and participate in other various church activities and charitable programs.

2015 Nurse of the Year – Amanda Mackey, BSN, RN

Amanda Mackey – PCNA 2015 NOTY

Amanda Mackey – 2015 PCNA Nurse of the Year!

Amanda is a native of Pierce County, graduating from PLU in 2004 with her BSN. She has worked for St Clare Hospital for 10 years in the Ortho Med Surg Unit as a floor and charge nurse. She is very active with her charge nurse team, mentoring new nurses, and assisting with process improvement projects for the hospital. A former DAISY award winner, she participates in Shared Governance and is involved in the Development and Engagement Committee for St Clare. Amanda also leads the Physician and Provider Experience Team for Franciscan Experience—working to assist physicians in their job satisfaction and performance and recognizing excellent providers with the Gold Star Award. She also participates in Standards Committee for CHI Franciscan updating policies and procedures for the system.

Nominations for Amanda described her passion for teaching,  mentoring and supporting coworkers and her leadership abilities. “Amanda personifies excellence every day.” “An exemplary professional who is a team player with a positive attitude with an interest in teaching.”

At St. Clare, Amanda teaches the pre-operative Joint Replacement Class to patients about to undergo hip and knee replacement surgeries. Nominations included quotes from patients “I went to class before my surgery, and when I came in and she was my nurse, I knew I had an expert caring for me. It makes me feel safe.” “She is so bubbly and nice; she keeps me up to date on my care.”

In her free time, Amanda shares her love and passion for nursing with young people throughout Pierce County by visiting area high schools on career days. Amanda also sings with the Tacoma Symphony Chorus and is an avid gardener.

2014 Nurse of the Year – Richard Tagulinao

2014 Nurse of the Year

Pierce County Nurse’s Association’s 2014 Nurse of the Year, Richard Tagulinao, RN,BSN works as charge nurse at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Richard  who was nominated by many of his peers was described as a very caring, dependable, highly educated, skilled, trustworthy, competent, objective, compassionate and respectful registered nurse.

Richard’s leadership qualities were highlighted by several nominators. “His Co-workers feel that he has wonderful leadership attributes to help guide the new and experienced nurses who work with him feel at ease and more confident. He is a great teacher and shares his knowledge and experiences to help others in decision making dilemmas.”

He is described as being a strong advocate for both patients and coworkers. “He is dedicated to the safety and well-being of patients, staff, families, and the community.” “He is a great patient advocate. His patients love him and they all say when Richard is on they know they are safe and will be well taken care of.” “He makes sure his staff gets the help they need to maintain safety for their patients.” “He is an example of someone who aims in delivering quality nursing care.” “He encourages others to reach their best potential.”

His passion and energy for nursing and for his family were very evident in the nominations. “He is fast and critically thinks all the time. His integrity is ROCK solid, he gives 110% to his work and patient’s and yet at the same time 110% to his family.” “Richard is truly an epitome of a Florence Nightingale.”

When presented with the award, Richard was very humble yet clearly excited to be receiving this honor surrounded by family and coworkers. We are delighted to have Richard Tagulinao as our 2014 PCNA Nurse of the Year.

2013 Nurse of the Year – Katherine Kunkel

Katherine Kunkel – Nurse of the Year

Pierce County Nurses Association received several passionate recommendations for Katherine Kunkel. Kathy began her nursing career in 1981 as a Licensed Practical Nurse caring for adults in a variety of settings.  Kathy graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 1997 with a BSN and in 2007 with her Master of Science in Nursing.

For the last 15 years, she has worked with premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit at Tacoma General Hospital. She is certified in both High Risk Neonatal Nursing and Wound Care.

Kathy is described as a kind, compassionate, excellent RN who is a strong advocate for her patients. Quotes from her co-workers include: “Her meticulous work at the bedside and strong skills in advocating for her patients can not be overstated. She works endlessly to provide excellent care to her infants and families.” “She is a wonderful educator – informed, intelligent, interested and patient.” “Excellence is her passion and she ignites excellence in others.”

“My father once said, “Find a job you love and you will add 5 days to your work week”.  I looked for and found a job I love, nursing. It represents all the many faces of humanity rolled into one, joy, hope, sadness and perseverance.” – Katherine Kunkel